About Us

2nd Amendment Guns is a Service Disabled Veteran Owned business that opened its doors to the public in 2012. The  store is located in the North Western part of Las Vegas. 2nd Amendment Guns is a Company that was created to serve "THE PEOPLE" of The United States Of America. 2nd Amendment Guns owners have a combined 32 Years of Service to The United States of America. With our relentless pursuit to educate, arm, and train the great "People" of this country, and to amplify the Importance of this constitutional necessity the great "People" have served us, and gave us the momentum, and fortitude to open up our 2nd Location located 60 miles West of Las Vegas in Pahrump, NV. In 2021 2nd Amendment Guns opened up the 1st Indoor Shooting Range in Pahrump NV. This locationed is outfitted with a 6 lane indoor shooting facility, retail, coffee bar, and classroom.
2nd Amendment Guns perseverance, and moral obligations to "The People" of this country will never be forgotten or compromised. Our attitude has, and will always be one of Gratitude, and humility as we reach out, and do what we are designed to do, "TO SERVE". We WELCOME all "The People" to these spaces as they were built because of "YOU", and for 'YOU".