Used Guns / Consigned Guns

2nd Amendment Used and Consignment Guns


2nd Amendment Guns buys, and sells used GUNS. If your looking to sell your firearm to us we have a formula that we use to purchase used firearms. 




2nd Amendment Guns also consigns Firearms. Most of the firearms we consign go on a brokerage that has over 2,000,000 bidders on the site. Our job is to place your firearm in front of an audience that will allow for greatest visibility, and in turn get the highest value we can. If your interested in consignment our procedures are below:



20% Commission Fee
Flat fee - $25.00 (paid once firearm is sold or customer takes firearm back)
* $25 fee must be paid regardless if the firearm sells or not*
Minimum price they want for firearms, or we can research the value for you. (May take some time to come up with a value)
If you ask us to list a firearm for more than it is worth we will not list it.
* $25 fee must be paid regardless if we list the gun or not
90 Days to sell the firearm
If customer wants the firearm back before the 90 days - $50 fee plus background if applicable
If firearm doesn’t sell in those 90 days they can pay another $15 to relist it or pick the firearm up, but they must go through background check to get their firearm back if they don’t have a CCW
**If you do not have a CCW and take the firearm back, there will be a $25 fee to run a background check**
If they fail the background check, then we will buy the firearm for half the price or continue to try to sell it under consignment for the additional fee


Consignment firearms sold in the store go up the same day.
Consignment firearms sold on GunBroker will go live within 7 days.